The Origins of the Hann Name

A surname in England, a diminutive of the baptismal names John or Henry

In Newfoundland

Early Instances

Thomas from England, settled at Harbour Buffett about 1812 (MUN Hist);Early Instances: John Han of Trinity, 1794(DPHW 64); Charles Hann, from Somerset, married at St John's 1830(NFLD Archives BRC); John Han of Pushthrough, 1835(DPHW 30); Isaiah Hann, of Moreton's Harbour, 1846(DPHW 86); John of Hunt's Island, 1848(DPHW 101); John of Cape Freel's(Bonavista District), 1850(DPHW 76); Job of Harbour Breton, 1854(DPHW 104);John of Harbour le Cou 1860(DPHW 99)

Modern Status:

Widespread, especially at Channel, Cape Freels and Trout River.

Place Name

Hann's Rocks 49-09 53-33

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